The main parameters of the excavator

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1. Whole machine quality: equipped with standard backhoe or front shovel (working device), sufficient fuel, hydraulic oil, lubricating oil, cooling system liquid, external force random tools and the working quality of one driver. Quality in working condition. Large hydraulic excavation to remove the driver's cab and hangar to reduce the transportation height.

2. Standard bucket capacity: when the bulk density is 1800kg/m³ of soil, it represents a bucket accumulation capacity of the excavator grade, and the unit of measurement is cubic meter (m³). According to different purposes, there are many types of buckets, but there are only two basic types, namely, front bucket and back bucket. The bucket capacity of hydraulic excavators in my country is the sum of the volume of the flat bucket and the volume of the accumulation part calculated according to the size of the inner wall of the bucket according to the provisions of the national standard GB3225-82 "Hydraulic Excavator Bucket Capacity Calibration". The interface between the volume of the flat bucket and the accumulation part is called the calibration surface. The calibration surface may be flat or curved. The location of the calibration surface is specified in detail in the national standard.

3. Engine power: refers to the rated power of the engine, that is, the net power excluding the consumption of itself and all accessories (including fans, water tanks, air filters, mufflers, generators, air compressors, etc.) at a given speed and standard conditions , The unit of measurement is kilowatts (kW).

4. Hydraulic system form: mainly refers to the working oil pump form of hydraulic excavator. If the selected working hydraulic pump (main oil pump) is a quantitative pump, the hydraulic system of the machine is in quantitative form; if a variable pump is selected, the hydraulic system of the machine is in variable form;

5. The pressure of the hydraulic system: the relief pressure of the main oil circuit safety valve, that is, the pressure of the hydraulic system, and its measurement unit is megapascals (MPa).

6. Climbing ability: The excavator climbs at the maximum throttle until the engine's maximum power output or tires and crawlers slip, and the final converted maximum climbing angle or percentage is called the machine's climbing ability.

7. Ground pressure: refers to the ratio of the weight of the crawler excavator to the ground area of the crawler, or the ratio of the load of the tire excavator to the ground area, and the unit of measurement is megapascals (MPa).

8. Cycle operation time: refers to the time required for the excavator to complete the excavation at a certain rotation angle (90º, 180º) -> lift -> swing -> unload + return to the position where the excavation started. The unit of measurement is seconds (S) .

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