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The main movements of hydraulic excavators include complete machine walking, turntable rotation, boom lifting, arm retracting, bucket rotation, etc. According to the above work requirements, the combination of organically connecting hydraulic components with pipelines is called hydraulic excavation The hydraulic system of the machine. The function of the hydraulic system is to convert the mechanical energy of the engine into hydraulic energy by using the oil pump as the medium, transfer it to the cylinder, oil motor, etc., and then convert it into mechanical energy, and then transfer it to various execution machinery to realize various movements. The hydraulic system of hydraulic excavators commonly include quantitative system, sub-power variable system and total power variable system. my country stipulates that single bucket hydraulic excavators weighing less than 8t use a quantitative system; those weighing more than 32t use a variable system; those weighing 8 to 32t, both quantitative and variable systems are available.

The full-power variable system is the hydraulic system commonly used in hydraulic excavators. Usually, the full-power variable system is the hydraulic system commonly used in hydraulic excavators, and constant power variable double pumps are usually used. Different models of hydraulic pumps have different constant power adjustment mechanisms.

Take the WY160A hydraulic excavator as an example to briefly introduce the hydraulic system of the crawler excavator.

WY160A hydraulic excavator is produced by Sichuan Changjiang Excavator Factory. In order to meet the application requirements, the machine is equipped with front and backhoes and other special working devices. The standard bucket capacity of the front and backhoes is l 6m³, and the weight of the machine is 38.5t.

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