Carter excavator working device, walking mechanism, slewing mechanism does not move

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1. The possible reasons for the working device, walking mechanism, and the same rotating mechanism are not moving or the speed is extremely slow:

(l) The internal leakage of the components in the relevant system is severe.

(2) The pilot pump or the control circuit is faulty.

(3) The pilot pump relief valve is faulty.

(4) The shock absorber is faulty.

(5) The hydraulic pump is faulty (broken drive shaft, etc.).

(6) TVC valve setting pressure is inappropriate.

(7) TVC valve action is not correct.

2. Lack of work, walking, and simultaneous rotation. The possible reasons are:

(I) The CO valve is faulty.

(2) The CO cancellation solenoid valve is faulty.

(3) The set pressure of the main relief valve drops.

(4) The level 2 relief solenoid valve is faulty.

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